or wheel loader?

Choose both.
Choose the telehandler with SML-Power!


Do you need a telehandler or a wheel loader?

Telehandlers are ideally suited to stacking work with their lifting forks. They have a firm footing and their telescopic booms give them an extensive reach. The machines' compact size ensure they are highly maneuverable even in tight spaces.

Wheel loaders, on the other hand, are ideal for shovel operations. They can pick up and load heavy material thanks to their high levels of thrust and traction. Their robust construction and reliable engines mean that these machines can perform multi-shift operations.

Choose both.

Choose the telehandler with SML-power!

What is SML-Power?

The best of both worlds

Our Multi Line telehandler combines the advantages of both telehandler and wheel loader technology in one unique machine.

We call these advantages SML-Power.

SML-Power in Detail

Robust and stable

Loading heavy material requires a robustly built machine. Our telehandler's strong steel frame and powerful telescopic boom are made for continuous operation in tough conditions. High levels of thrust and traction enable it to carry out typical wheel loader tasks in material handling. The machine's constant center of gravity during steering supplies additional stability when loading or stacking material.

Multifunctional: The massive quick-change system means that in a matter of seconds a 4.0 m³ volume shovel can be changed for a lifting fork. With a lifting height of 8.5 m and a maximum load capacity of up to 5.5 t, traditional telehandler work can be undertaken.

SML-Power in detail

Unique overview for the operator

Stay on top of your work! The variably elevating cab means that you can adjust your field of view to suit your working conditions and benefit from a 360 degree all-round view with an eye level of up to 4.25 m.

The elevating cab's single piece windshield gives an unobstructed view of the container or walk-ing floor when loading and stacking. This means work can be carried out much more easily and efficiently - you can see what you're doing. The all-round view in a raised position also means much safer working across busy sites.

SML-Power in detail

Compact and maneuverable

Move material effortlessly from A to B in a confined space. With a total length of less than 6 m and a turning radius of under 4 m, the telehandler is suitably agile for even the tightest of spaces. The machine's low overall height of under 3 m means that the operator can maneuver through low passageways and it can be easily transported on a low-loader.

The three steering modes, all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive and crab steering, provide the highest possible degree of flexibility when driving. In addition, there are three different driving modes to choose from - loader mode (for shovel operations), stacker mode (for stacking work) and street mode (for driving on roads). There is always the right approach for each situation - perfect for your dynamic working environment!

SML-Power in detail

More break-out force and reach

The clever combination of telescopic boom and Z kinematics is the perfect marriage of both telehandler and wheel loader technology. The centrally positioned telescopic arm uses its solid construction and beveled edges to apply force in an ideal and torsion-resistant way. Just as with a standard telehandler, the telescoping boom provides an additional reach of up to 8 m.

The wheel loader-like Z kinematics give our telehandler an increased break-out force of up to 85 kN. This is up to 80% more than a traditional telehandler. When handling material with the shovel, the Z shaped design of the boom head converts the force of the shovel cylinder directly into break-out force, enabling thick, compacted material to be extracted with maximum force. Perfect for demanding operations.

SML-Power in detail

Built for multi-shift operations

Use the machine for multi-shift operations! The powerful engine and perfectly matched transmission make this possible. The variable travel drive enables both precise movements at low speeds and travelling at 40 km/h to the next site.

Two machines in one - our telehandler can operate different attachments for different tasks, both wheel loader and telehandler operations - loading and unloading heavy material, assembling and compacting, and precise stacking operations. In dusty environments the reversible fan ensures constant power from the engine enabling continuous work over many hours of operation.

The driver enjoys jolt-free working due to the vibration-damped cab and spares his neck by working at eye level using the elevating cab.


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